The success of a transportation safety management system must ensure that all locations are equipped with highly capable workers. Their abilities are reflected in the effectiveness in completing the work under the set of corporate regulations and guidelines, and where appropriate, to assist colleagues and provide positive recommendations to the company.

Based on the defensive driving system widely used by large companies in foreign countries, Intact made the appropriate modifications accordingly to upgrade the system towards a new era. The system starts from prior to driving, the body, the soul and tools, etc. to other preparations for driving on the road and risk control in arriving certain destination. This takes into account the overall safety process, escalating defensive driving to the next level.

Intact offers the following training classes:

  • Transport Safety Management
  • Defensive driving training for trainers
  • Defensive driving training for drivers
  • Vehicle safety applications
  • Preventive vehicle overturn Training
  • Fatigue Driving
  • Accident Investigation
  • Driver Emotional Control.
  • Driving Safety Behavior Training
  • Drivers Health & Driving Safety
  • Fuel Saving
  • Others
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