Defensive Driving – Six Techniques

According to the available data, it shows that the probability of road accidents occurred more frequently than accidents happened in their own or clients’ premises, as there are a lot of uncertainties and uncontrollable factors faced by drivers while driving. Thus, whether the accident is avoidable, it is directly related to the driver's ability to forecast the uncertainties and uncontrollable factors, and to take appropriate actions to avoid the crisis, which is the key point of defensive driving.

Life survival skills are very similar to driving, Confucius said, “Without steadfastness, the gentleman would not command respect, and his learning would not be sound. Advocating loyalty and trustworthiness is of primary importance, he has no friends who are not of equal caliber. When he makes mistakes, he would not hesitate to correct his faults”. Its meaning is that a broad-minded man who is far-sighted; energetic, setting high standards for himself and peaceful in heart. In terms of conduct, he puts moral as his standard, to encourage and help others to do good things.



Six Wise Techniques include:

  • Set a good example – Perform best behavior of your own
  • Make sure the driver is on the best physical and psychological situation before driving.
  • Wise man - To understand that each person in a community is an individual, one impacting another. We have to bear in mind that our own behavior is possibly affecting others and that other people’s actions may also be affecting us unintentionally.
  • Make sure the driver can collect all related information during driving.
  • Wise man with analytical mind- ability to distinguish right and wrong, true or false!
  • Make sure the  driver can identify risks on the road.
  • Wise man do not stand under a falling wall – A man who understands fate will not stand under a falling wall.
  • Make sure the driver can always keep a way out.
  • Wise man with an open-mind, no worries and bravery
  • Make sure the driver can have sufficient communication with other road users.
  • Self-improvement all the time, no matter day or night.
  • Make sure the driver can establish safety condition from time to time.


Six Wises -Techniques that allow drivers under different kinds of circumstances to have control:

  • A good "driving” status.
  • To allow a broad ”Dangerous Blind spot” area.
  • Allow ample "decision-making and action" time
  • To be flexible in the "escape" position.stand under a falling wall.


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