Chung Man

Full implementation of transportation safety production standardization work, in order to increase road transport, urban passenger transport enterprises to create work safety standardization, Department of Transportation has developed various aspects of the standardized criteria. Respectively, the following sixteen areas: security objectives, regulatory agencies and personnel safety responsibility system, regulations and safety management system, investment in safety, equipment, facilities, technological innovation and information technology, team building, operations management, hazard identification and risk control , hidden investigation and management, occupational health, safety culture, emergency rescue, accident investigation reports, performance evaluation and continuous improvement.
Production standardization enterprise security, enterprise-wide implementation of wide coverage, there were city bus passenger transport enterprises, urban rail transportation companies, taxi companies, road passenger transport enterprises, road transport of dangerous goods companies, road transport general cargo business, road freight transport market stations, motor vehicle repair business, bus station, etc., visible nowadays transportation enterprise management standardization of a major trend.
Enterprises to implement the safety production standardization, the benefits are obvious. First, there is conducive to further standardize the work of production safety. Second, there is conducive to further safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees. Third, there is conducive to further promote safe production laws and regulations are implemented.
Houde's transportation enterprise safety production standardization-related construction projects, not only can the government help companies to achieve standardization requirements, more effective implementation of systematic safety standards system, strengthen enterprise and employee awareness of production safety, to achieve long term to enhance enterprise security management level.




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