In today’s society, there are advances in science and technology, if being used effectively, it will enhance the overall transport safety management system. Intact's expertise continues to explore related products for members / businesses and makes appropriate recommendations.

Computer installed in vehicles and its management systems - provide an effective operational and safety data to optimize the process effectively


I-Key – By carrying out personal alcohol test, blowing air towards the breathalyzer, it can determine whether an individual is safe to drive; if the alcohol content is too high, i-KEY can stop the drivers starting the engine, and hence protecting their lives.                


Tire pressure regulators – it can automatically adjust the tire pressure, obviating the individual tire leak while in motion and possible problems that may arise.


Reverse device – through the installation of this device, the driver can see through the rear blind spots at anytime, this enhance the effectiveness of defensive driving while reversing the vehicle.


Intact is equipped with many other safety IT applications to enhance the overall safety level.



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