Intact taffic and transport safety consultancy Ltd. is comprised of the industry's highly experienced and capable professionals from China, the United States, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The experts have attended training and conferences in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and other Asian countries. The Company utilizes the best knowledge of both Chinese and Western academics and combined them to formulate the Intact’s transportation safety system. The three core concepts include policy development, training and behavior management. We are on top of all the transport safety processes and are capable in pin-pointing issues on any complex scenario while providing practical, effective and strategic solutions.

Intact walks hand in hand with the world and advance with time. We work closely together with well-known Universities, Institutes and relevant agencies both in China and overseas to form strategic partnership while jointly exploring the art of transportation safety management!


The main goal of Intact is to enhance the safety awareness of Chinese Citizens and subsequently reduce the number of accidents, which used to cause both intrinsic and extrinsic injuries.



To be the BEST Transport Safety Consultant Firm in Greater China. We are people-oriented and we treasure lives. We can help to achieve win-win situations and excellence for you .

Leader – Continuous self-improvement, Industry pioneer!
Professionals - provide advance and practical products!
Forward-looking – Advance with time and synchronize with the world!

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